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Immigrant children and the right to education: readings and dialogues with Ecuadorians during the DIASPOTICS’s voluntary work


This article was motivated by a conversation with a seven-year-old Ecuadorian boy, in which he tells he heard from his schoolteacher that he can’t learn how to read in Portuguese because his mother communicates with him in Spanish. Our concerns have arisen during the work done by the group DIASPOTICS - International Migrations & Intercultural Communication with Ecuadorian migrants at Copacabana. The objective of this work is to meditate on migrant integration, having as an empirical scenario the voluntary work with this group of children enrolled in two public schools in Rio de Janeiro. As a conclusion of our field work we indicate the need for reflection on integration and education as a construction of knowledge with all the parts involved in these processes.

immigrant children; Ecuadorians; right to education; integration

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