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The effects of the economic crisis on the labour market situation of immigrants: the case of brazilians in Portugal


After a period of economic growth that spurred the increase of migratory flows to Portugal, after 2008, the country went into a deep economic crisis with very negative impacts on employment and on sectors employing a large number of immigrants like civil construction. Due to the differentiated integration of immigrants in the several segments of the labour market it is important to deeply analyze the extension and scope of these effects, namely considering the geographic origin of the immigrants. Being Brazilians the largest foreign contingent living in Portugal since mid-2000s, they are a very interesting group to focus our research on. Two main issues will be discussed: the effect of the crisis on the migratory flows between Portugal and Brazil and the impact on the labour market situation among those living in Portugal between 2012 and 2015. Moreover, their levels of satisfaction with the migratory experience in Portugal will also be examined.

Brazilian migration; Portugal; economic crisis; labour market situation; quality of life

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