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Immigrant women in paid domestic work in São Paulo: two trajectories and a multiplicity of arrangements


This work seeks to articulate the themes of international migration of women and paid domestic work. Specifically, our attention turns to the trajectories of two female domestic workers in the city of São Paulo. We start from the assumption that each immigrant is a collective subject, representative (also) of social groups, which is why their trajectories are illustrative of the diversity of family, migratory and work arrangements that may exist. In addition, we seek to highlight the contextual macrostructural factors of the origin of each one, as well as their own perceptions about the opportunities they have and their aspirations. To carry out this research, a bibliographic and documentary review of secondary data was carried out, in addition to a semi-structured interview with each interlocutor. Thus, we aim to highlight the multiplicity of experiences and subjectivities, the ongoing transformations regarding the subjects involved in domestic work and immigration in Brazil.

immigration; women; domestic work; São Paulo

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