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Memories of struggles: Brazilian abroad (1993-2010)


In this paper, I expose the relations between the mobilization of Brazilian transmigrants in Lisbon against the Schengen restrictive immigration policies in Portugal, the constitution of a Community of Brazilians Abroad demanding citizenship rights in Brazil and the formulation of public policies by the Brazilian state on behalf of its diasporic population during the Lula era (2003-2010). From this perspective, I examine the formation of this social movement since the first deportation case of Brazilians in the Lisbon airport in 1993. I disclose the subsequent mobilizations in diverse places and contexts throughout a period of 17 years tracing, thus, the globalization process of this social movement as well its connections with the struggles for the immigrant rights in Brazil. I suggest that the launching of this global social movement in Lisbon has revitalized and expanded the mobilizations in favor of immigrants in Brazil, including the struggles for a new legislation law based on human rights.

social movements; Brazilian abroad; human rights; migration policies; criminalization of immigrants

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