The Feverish “Princess” and the Italian “Hospital”, 1881-1897

Renan Vidal Mina Oswaldo Mário Serra Truzzi About the authors


As the coronavirus pandemic impacts on socioeconomic and sanitary conditions of immigrants around the world, this article purpose a brief return to the Brazilian past, recovering specifically the experiences of Italian immigrants settled in Campinas in the later nineteenth century, equally frightened by successive yellow fever outbreaks. The aim is to analyze the aids of the peninsulars in combating the illness through the “hospital” adapted at the headquarters of Circolo Italiani Uniti (1881). Through an analytical systematization of the memories recorded in the association’s minutes by its members and their crossing with other sources of the time, is developed here a study of local history, in which the documents are sociologically examined, contextualizing what is said and the facts.

Circolo Italiani Uniti; immigrants; yellow fever; Campinas

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