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The purpose of a business is to entice a customer, who entices other customers

Shiv Singh

I read this sentence, in the opening of a recently launched book entitled "Experi- ences that Leave Marks ..." and realized that we could adapt this sentence to the case of scientific publications by changing only one word - “customer” for author/reader.

In the case of publications, transparency in the analysis of articles and the timeli- ness without relevant delays, show why publications such as REM and others in Brazil, become long-lived.

However, both research and publications in Brazil may suffer a lot from the current education policy. Published on the SciELO Blog, and originally in the editorial of vol. 93 no. 1 in the Proceedings of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the article: Gloomy prospects for Brazilian journals, analyzes this problem very well.

The article shows the difficulties of South American publishers in the face of in- creased competitiveness for good articles with international journals, particularly those published in Europe and the United States of America.

But the article goes further, by showing that limited funding, especially in the face of widespread myopia in relation to the basic improvement needs of journals in Brazil and perhaps other South American countries, is a trend that began long before the pandemic.

But the pandemic created another problem, since the flow of resources to the area of COVID 19 greatly reduced the flow of resources to other areas of research, this will certainly cause even greater impacts in the journals of the exact sciences.

It is time for Brazil to stop thinking like an underdeveloped country, and to remember that investments in education are made, not spent. A decreasing research environment shows that this is not only negative, but also detrimental to the country's productivity. We must not forget that Brazil is a country of the future and needs to project goals and actions in this direction.

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