Efeitos da ampliação das exportações agropecuárias e agroindustriais na balança comercial e (re)distribuição da renda: uma análise de equilíbrio geral

Neiva de Araújo Marques Wilson da Cruz Vieira Viviani Silva Lírio Suely de Fátima Ramos Silveira About the authors

The objective of this work was to analyze the effects of the increase in the Brazilian agricultural and agro industrial exports upon the trade account and income distribution between labor and capital in a general equilibrium context. The general equilibrium analysis was used as theoretical framework and a Social Account Matrix (SAM) and a Computable General Equilibrium model (CGE) were used as analytical instruments. It was considered 1996 as base year and several simulations were conducted. The SAM multipliers calculated show that the most affected sectors with the export increases were Other Industries, Other Services and the Family Institution. The results obtained with the CGE show that the capital factor was favored relative to labor with the export increases. Both models show that the export increases improved the trade account, but there was not significant improvement in the distributive pattern.

Exports; Social Account Matrix; general equilibrium; Brazil

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