Critical success factors in the production of broilers from the perception of the integrated producer of the region of Grande Dourados/MS

Sulma Vanessa Souza Érika Rosendo de Sena Gandra José Francisco dos Reis Neto Rodrigo Garófallo Garcia About the authors


The objective was to analyze the critical success factors in the production of broilers from the perspective of the integrated producer in the region of Grande Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil. Methodologically, this research is characterized as being descriptive, carried out with a sample composed of 8 integrated producers, residing in different municipalities: Caarapó, Dourados, Douradina, Glória de Dourados, Itaporã, Rio Brilhante, and Vicentina. For data collection, a structured questionnaire was used, developed according to the following aspects: structural, labor, administrative management, financial control, biosecurity, and integrated partnership (producer - agribusiness). To group producers with similar characteristics, cluster analysis was used, using the complete linkage hierarchical grouping method. The study pointed to the existence of two clusters and the results showed that for cluster 1, the aspect of biosecurity (general care for the health of the chicken, location of the poultry, isolation, and entrance) is considered the most important to remain in the activity. This cluster showed little importance to the aspects: hand- workforce, management, and financial control. Cluster 2 producers also gave greater importance to the biosecurity aspect (only for the chicken litter item) and gave little importance to the management aspect.

broiler poultry; cluster; integration

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