Analysis of the supply of specialized oral health care services in the Brazilian National Health System: Brazil, 2014* * Article derived from the Master’s Degree thesis entitled 'Evaluation of Dental Specialty Centers in Brazil', submitted by Luiza Rahmeier Fietz Rios to the Postgraduate Program in Public Health of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina on 12 July 2018.

Luiza Rahmeier Fietz Rios Claudia Flemming Colussi About the authors



to analyze the availability of public specialized dental care services at Dental Specialties Centers (CEO) in Brazil in 2014.


secondary data on the CEO ratio and dental surgeon ratio were analyzed by population as well as the adequacy of the quantity of complete dental consulting rooms per CEO type, the adequacy of the ratio between the working hours of dental auxiliaries /technicians and those of dental surgeons and the adequacy of the availability of recommended minimum specialties. Possible statistical differences between macro-regions were verified.


we found a ratio of one CEO per 217,797 inhabitants and one dental surgeon per 26,811 inhabitants; 97% of CEOs had the recommended number of dental consulting rooms; 26% had equivalent working hours between dental auxiliaries /technicians and dental surgeons; 60% offered the recommended minimum specialties.


there were limitations in the provision of National Health System specialized oral health care services as well as regional differences.

Oral Health; Specialties, Dental; Health Services Accessibility; Public Health; Epidemiology, Descriptive

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