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Characteristics of teenage pregnancies hospitalized in maternity hospitals in São Paulo state, Brazil, 2011


to describe the characteristics of the pregnancy-puerperal cycle of hospitalized teenagers in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.


this is a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted in five public and one private maternity hospitals over a three month period in 2011 with teenagers aged 10-19, through interviews and consulting medical records and antenatal care forms.


1,448 pregnant teenagers were included in the study. There were 71 miscarriages and 16 stillbirths. Nine of the 1,367 live births died. 23.5% had Caesarean sections. For the majority (79.8%) it was their first pregnancy, 11.7% reporting smoking, 8.8% alcohol use and 1.2% illicit drug use during pregnancy. The proportion of those aged 10-14 starting antenatal care in the third trimester of pregnancy (9.3%) was higher than among those aged 15-19 (3.3%).


the results show the importance of the problem of teenage pregnancy and changes in their reproductive health care are recommended.

Pregnancy in Adolescence; Maternal and Child Health; Health Statistics; Epidemiology, Descriptive

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