Brazilian National Health System dental x-ray coverage in Southern Brazil in 2016: an ecological study

Luiz Alexandre Chisini Alissa Schmidt San Martin John Victor Júnior Batista Ferreira Silva Nicole Brambatti Fernanda Silva de Pietro Marcus Cristian Muniz Conde Marcos Britto Correa About the authors



to investigate the coverage of dental radiographic equipment provided by the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) in South Brazilian municipalities in 2016 and to investigate radiographic procedures in the municipalities that have this equipment.


this was an ecological study conducted with data from the SUS Outpatient Information System (primary healthcare units with a dental surgery, radiographic equipment available and operational and X-rays being performed) and Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics data (population); the chi-square test and variance analysis were performed.


984 items of dental radiographic equipment were identified in 479 out of 1,191 municipalities analyzed; 60% of the municipalities had no equipment, 68% had less than the recommended coverage, and 52% of the municipalities with equipment did not perform any radiography examination during 2016.


less than half of the municipalities had radiographic dental equipment; among those that did have this equipment, half did not perform any procedures.

X-Rays; Radiology Information Systems; Radiology; Brazilian National Health System; Ecological Studies

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