Characterization of printed educational materials about schistosomiasis used in health education in endemic areas in Brazil

Cristiano Lara Massara Felipe Leão Gomes Murta Martin Johannes Enk Amanda Domingues de Araújo Celina Maria Modena Omar dos Santos Carvalho About the authors



to characterize printed educational materials about schistosomiasis produced at federal, state and municipal levels in Brazil.


the educational materials were characterized considering the following categories: 'format', 'parasite and intermediate host', 'definitive host (ill)' and 'disease'.


60 materials were assessed, three had no information about risk activities and 41 indicated more than one popular name for the disease, thus allowing greater reach among the target audience in diverse endemic areas; the biological cycle was missing or incorrect in 53 materials; the intermediate host (snail) was incorrectly illustrated, with use of stereotyped images in 39 and no image in one material; diagnosis was mentioned in 36 materials.


the printed educational materials assessed had incorrect content which may compromise health education efforts; little attention was paid to schistosomiasis diagnosis.

Key words:
Schistosomiasis; Health Education; Information Dissemination; Patient Education Handout

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