Nurses' production of subjectivity and the decision-making in the process of care

This study aimed to understand the relation ship between Nurse's productionof subjectivity and the decision-makingin the process of Nursing care. A qualitative design of research was conducted. The investigation was carried out with twelve nurses who work at the Associação de Caridade Santa Casa do Rio Grande, a hospital located in Rio Grande, RS, Brazil. For data collection, focus group technique was used, three meetings were conducted in december 2011. The results were presented in semantic categories: Capitalist System :maintenance of employment bond; Submission System: institutionalized culture and vision of society;Nursing Hierarchical System; and Values System: feeling of guilt andlack of professional recognition. The capitalist system mediates, mainly, the behavior that prevails in the decision-making process in Nursing care.

Nursing; Nursing care; Decision making; Focus groups

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