Usefulness of the comfort theory in the clinical nursing care of new mothers: critical analysis

Juliana Vieira Figueiredo Lima Maria Vilani Cavalcante Guedes Lúcia de Fátima da Silva Maria Célia de Freitas Ana Virgínia de Melo Fialho About the authors



The aim of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of the comfort theory for the clinical nursing care of new mothers.


This is a reflexive-theoretical study conducted in November and December 2014, based on the usefulness criterion proposed in the critical analysis of the Barnum nursing theory.


The comfort theory in nursing care for new mothers applied to study analysis revealed that this theory meets the criteria of usefulness because it provides applicable concepts that facilitated the clinical nursing care of women in the postpartum period and helped increase their comfort level. The verification of these concepts showed that the theory can be applied in different settings of clinical care for new mothers.


The theory can be used to support and improve clinical nursing care for postpartum women, and help improve puerperal comfort.

Nursing theory; Nursing care; Postpartum period

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