Feeding tube placement: auscultatory method and x-ray agreement

Posicionamiento de la sonda enteral: concordancia entre el teste de ausculta y rayo-x

Mariur Gomes Beghetto Franciele Anziliero Dória Migotto Leães Elza Daniel de Mello About the authors


to evaluate the correlation between the auscultation test and X-ray when detecting the position of an enteral feeding tube.


cross-sectional study in an intensive care unit in southern Brazil, in 2011. Clinical nurse and nurse researcher performed auscultation test recording the impressions regarding the placement of an enteral feeding tube in 80 patients. A doctor evaluated the X-ray. Kappa coefficient and PABAK reviewed the agreements.


The X-ray showed that 70% of the enteral tubes were in the stomach, 27.4% in the duodenum, 1.3% in the esophagus, and 1.3% in the right lung. There was a weak correlation between clinical nurses and nurse researchers (PABAK = 0.054; P = 0.103), clinical nurses and X-rays (PABAK = 0.188; P = 0.111) and nurse researchers and X-rays (PABAK = 0.128; P = 0.107) . The auscultation test did not detect two risk conditions, enteral feeding tube in the esophagus and the bronchus.


the auscultation test showed little agreement with the X-ray on the enteral feeding tube location.

Auscultation; Gastrointestinal intubation; Nursing

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