Strategies used by nursing staff in situations of workplace violence in a haemodialysis unit

Onélia da Costa Pedro Cordenuzzi Suzinara Beatriz Soares de Lima Francine Cassol Prestes Carmem Lúcia Colomé Beck Rosângela Marion da Silva Daiane Dal Pai About the authors



To identify strategies that nursing staff use at a haemodialysis unit in situations of violence by patients during care.


Qualitative descriptive and exploratory research with focus groups and the participation of eight workers of the nursing staff of a private haemodialysis unit in southern Brazil. The data were subjected to thematic content analysis.


The adopted strategies are described in the following categories: Tolerating violence due to the patient’s health condition; Working around conflicting situations and giving in to patient’s requests; Adopting a position of rejection to violence; and Staying away from the aggressor patient.

Final considerations

Workers and, above all, the institution in the role of mediator, must work together to prevent and discourage violence in the workplace.

Nursing; Workplace violence; Strategies; Renal dialysis; Occupational health

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