Risk for falls among community-dwelling older people: systematic literature review

Luís Manuel Mota Sousa Cristina Maria Alves Marques-Vieira Maria Nilza Guimarães Nogueira de Caldevilla Cristina Maria Alves Dias Henriques Sandy Silva Pedro Severino Sílvia Maria Alves Caldeira About the authors



To identify the risk factors for falls of the community-dwelling elderly in order to update the Taxonomy II of NANDA International.


A systematic literature review based on research using the following platforms: EBSCOHost®, CINAHL and MEDLINE, from December 2010 to December 2014. The descriptors used were (Fall* OR Accidental Fall) AND (Community Dwelling OR Community Health Services OR Primary health care) AND (Risk OR Risk Assessment OR Fall Risk Factors) AND (Fall* OR Accidental Fall) AND (Community Dwelling OR older) AND Nurs* AND Fall Risk Factors.


The sample comprised 62 studies and 50 risk factors have been identified. Of these risk factors, only 38 are already listed in the classification.


Two new categories of risk factors are proposed: psychological and socio-economical. New fall risk factors for the community-dwelling elderly have been identified, which can contribute to the updating of this nursing diagnosis of the Taxonomy II of NANDA International.

Accidental falls; Risk factors; Nursing diagnosis; Aged

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