Activities developed by the committees of prevention of infant and fetal deaths: integrative review

Andriela Backes Ruoff Selma Regina de Andrade Márcia Danieli Schmitt About the authors



To systematize knowledge on the activities developed by the committees involved in the prevention of infant and fetal deaths.


Integrated literature review conducted in November 2015 at PubMed, CINAHL, Scopus, LILACS, BDEnf and SciELO databases using keywords and descriptors of infant mortality, infant death, infant deaths, fetal death, fetal deaths, fetal mortality, neonatal mortality, professional committee, committee, committees, advisory committees. The 34 selected studies were organized and analyzed using Microsoft Excel®.


International, national, regional, state and local committees analyze the deaths and conduct activities aimed to qualify maternal and childcare and feed the health information systems.


The committees for the prevention of infant and fetal mortality collect, produce, analyze and disseminate information related to these deaths in order to reduce infant and fetal mortality rates.

Professional committees; Infant mortality; Fetal mortality; Health management

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