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Predictors of burnout syndrome in intensive care nurses

Eduardo Motta de Vasconcelos Milva Maria Figueiredo De Martino About the authors



To identify the prevalence and analyse the existence of predictors of burnout syndrome in intensive care nurses.


The quantitative, descriptive, cross sectional study with 91 intensive care nurses. Two instruments were used to collect data in July 2014: a sociodemographic form and the Maslach Burnout Inventory - Human Services Survey. Pearson's Chi-Square test or Fisher's exact test were applied to verify the association between the occurrence of burnout and the categorical variables.


Burnout affected 14.3% of the sample. Of the studied variables, only the duration of holidays had a significant association with the occurrence of burnout (p = 0034/OR = 3.92).


The prevalence of burnout in the nurses was 14.3%. Duration of the holidays was the only variable that showed a significant association with the occurrence of burnout.

Nurses; Intensive care units; Nursing research; Stress; psychological; Burnout; professional; Prevalence

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