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Nursing care systematization according to the nurses' view: a methodological approach based on grounded theory

This study was aimed at understanding, from the nurses' perspective, the experience of going through the Systematization of Nursing Care (SNC) in an obstetric service unit. We used grounded theory as the theoretical and methodological framework. The subjects of this study consisted of thirteen nurses from a public hospital in the city of João Pessoa, in the state of Paraíba. The data analysis resulted in the following phenomenon: "perceiving SNC as a working method that organizes, directs and improves the quality of care by bringing visibility and providing security for the nursing staff." The nurses expressed the extent of knowledge about the SNC experienced in obstetrics as wellas considered the nursing process as a decision-making process, which guides the reasoning of nurses in the planning of nursing care in obstetrics. It was concluded that nurses perceive the SNC as an instrument of theoretical-practical articulation leading to personalized assistance.

Nursing; Nursing process; Obstetrics

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