Nurses’ training in the use of a delirium screening tool

Regina Cláudia da Silva Souza Mariana Davies Ribeiro Bersaneti Ellen Maria Pires Siqueira Luciana Meira Daiana Lepre Brumatti Nilda Rosa de Oliveira Prado About the authors



To narrate the nurses’ training experience in the implementation of a systematic delirium screening tool using the Confusion Assessment Method for Intensive Care Unit.


Experience report covering the steps of situation diagnosis, planning, staff training and evaluation of the tool’s implementation between January and March 2013 with nurses in the ICU of a tertiary hospital in São Paulo.


The implementation of the assessment, using the Confusion Assessment Method for Intensive Care Unit, obtained significant nurse adhesion and became a service indicator.

Final considerations

The experience has shown that this assessment allows the results of the work process to be analyzed and the consequent transformation of daily initiatives.

Delirium; Nursing; Patient safety; Inservice training

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