The integrality in daily work in Family Health Strategy

This work is part of a research for evaluation of the Expansion and Consolidation of Family Health Program (PROESF). This is a study with a qualitative approach, developed in a unit of family health seen as successful experience in relation to the organization to integral care, located in a city of medium size. This article tried to approach the integrality of care with an emphasis on the team work, to identify, in the daily practices, the potential and limits to enable the integration. The instruments used were semi-structured interviews with eight members of staff and observations diary recorded in a field. It was verified the existence of alternative practices that escape from the traditional model, considered as completeness potentiators. However, obstacles were also highlighted to the integrality, such as difficulty of access for users to certain specialities and lack of reception in the service.

Comprehensive health care; Family Health Program; Health public policy

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