Instruments for articulating the network of attention to women in situation of violence: collective construction

Laura Ferreira Cortes Stela Maris de Mello Padoin Daniela Dal Forno Kinalski About the authors



This paper aims at identifying all the necessary information to build instruments which are designed to facilitate the professional integration of services to women in situation of violence with a view to the establishment of a network of attention.


Qualitative study, convergent, whose information has been produced from February to August 2015 by 10 group meetings, with 32 participants from the Integrated Working Group to Confront Violence in Santa Maria-RS, located at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. Using thematic content analysis.


It defined the flow direction; the points to compose the network; what it would take to communicate among services: identification of wife and family, report on the situation and the continuity of care.


There is a need for an institutional formalization of constructed devices. The articulation between the services requires communication, involvement and commitment of the professionals to ensure the continuity of care.

Women’s health; Violence against women; Delivery of health care; Intersectoral action; Interdisciplinary communication; Professional practice

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