Heart donations and transplants in the state of Paraná

Maria José Quina Galdino Amanda Torres Rodrigues Alessandro Rolim Scholze Paloma de Souza Cavalcante Pissinati Maynara Fernanda Carvalho Barreto Maria do Carmo Fernandez Lourenço Haddad About the authors



To analyze donations and heart transplants in the state of Paraná.


A cross-sectional study with 3,931 reports of deaths from brain death and 8,416 transplants performed in the State of Paraná between 2011 and 2016. The donations and cardiac transplants were analyzed by descriptive, univariate and multivariate statistics.


Of the 2,600 eligible donors, 128 (4.9%) donated the heart. The chance of cardiac donation effectiveness was higher among those who died and were younger than 40 years old (OR: 27,913) and males (OR: 1,.559). In addition to hearts from other states, 165 (2.0%) cardiac transplants were performed, all of which were financed by the Unified Health System. There was a significant increase in donations and transplants over the years.


The number of donations and heart transplants were low in the analyzed period. It is important that managers devise actions to optimize the process and, consequently, decrease the waiting time for a heart.

Heart transplantation; Tissue and organ procurement; Brain death; Health evaluation.

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