Sexual-affective trajectories of people with chronic leg ulcers: aspects of therapeutic listening

This is a qualitative study that aims to discuss the trajectories of people with chronic sores on the lower limbs, focusing on their affective and sexual experiences. Fifty-one adult outpatients participated and they received care at the infirmary of a public hospital in Salvador - Bahia, between 2008 and 2009. Data was collected through techniques that included themed-story drawings and in-depth interviews, during therapeutic listening sessions, followed by an analysis of the content and an analysis of the drawing contents. Three categories emerged: solitary sexual-affective trajectory, fragmented sexual-affective trajectory, and continuous or linear sexual-affective trajectory. It was concluded that the limitations imposed by sores influence the subjectivity of these people, leading them to processes of loss of self-confidence, self-deprecation and fear of sexual- affective demands. It becomes clear, therefore, for the need to promote, not only curative interventions for the body, but also to include therapeutic listening and psychological support in the assistance offered to these people.

Holistic nursing; Sexuality; Chronic disease; Body image

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