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Teaching and nursing practices reorientation: Pro-Health implantation in Mossoró Brasil

The Nursing School of Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte through the Programa Nacional de Reorientação da Formação Profissional em Saúde (Pro-Health) seeks to articulate the teaching / service, contributing to develop the concept of nursing education in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. This research aimed to investigate the implementation of Pro Health in the Basic Units of Health in Mossoró understanding the position of nursing workers in the teach/service link. Thus, interviews were conducted with six nurses who work in health clinics partners of this project. The results demonstrated that these workers had a lack of knowledge about the Pro-Health. Therefore, this lack of knowledge associated with difficulties in integrating teaching and service did not contribute to the nursing practice reflection and reorientation. Thus it is necessary to rethink the knowledge and nursing practices for a gradual change, contributing to improve the health care quality, based on the norms established by the Unified Health System in Brazil.

Teaching; Human resources formation; Health care facilities, manpower, and services; Nursing staff

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