The assessment of learning practice of simulation in nursing education as feedback

Mateus Casanova dos Santos Maria Cecília Lorea Leite About the authors

This paper is a theoretical and reflective that emerged as a cutting from a case study with qualitative and descriptive and participant, referring to the research project entitled "Study on the evaluation of trigger learning Simulation" of Morphofunctional Laboratory of College of Nursing of Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel). The goal is to demonstrate the importance of assessment of learning the practice of simulation as feedback the process for improving the planning of education. Simulation is an attempt to reproduce the essential features of a real clinical setting. Identifies the assessment of learning as a curricular space potential for the revaluation of the teaching-learning process and planning of education. The interdisciplinary nature of health issues need to be reported to the thinking, feeling and doing educational training in nursing in order to direct you to the completeness, universality in health and training critical, reflective and self-directed.

Nursing education; Simulation; Evaluation; Learning

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