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Dressings for the treatment of abdominal surgical wounds: a systematic review

The aim of this study was to identify the dressings used to treat abdominal surgical wounds with complications, in order to look for evidence that supports the development of an institutional protocol for handling these wounds. Methodology: a Systematic Review was developed, which had as a guiding question: What is the prevalent dressing in the treatment of patients with complications in abdominal surgical wounds? The MeSH database was used to search for the largest possible number of studies in seven electronic databases. Results: The search in the databases resulted in 6,107 articles, after being tested for relevance, the result was 33 studies that comprised the sample. The use of the VAC dressing was the best suited to treat abdominal surgical wounds with complications. Conclusion: Further research is suggested, so that the effectiveness and feasibility of VAC therapy in our reality can be assessed.

Review; Occlusive dressings; Wound healing

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