Home care organization with the Better at Home Program

Edna Aparecida Barbosa de Castro Denise Rocha Raimundo Leone Camila Medeiros dos Santos Francisca das Chagas Cunha Gonçalves Neta Jurema Ribeiro Luiz Gonçalves Divanice Contim Kênia Lara Silva About the authors



To understand the home healthcare organization modes in the context of healthcare delivered by the municipalities that have joined a Program entitled Better at Home.


A multicenter qualitative study. Data collection performed in 12 municipalities, from February of 2014 to July of 2015, through semi-structured interviews with 12 Homecare Services coordinators and six managers. Content analysis was used as a method of data processing.


Two categories of analysis have emerged: Supply management regulated by political and administrative demands, previous experiences and local health profile; and Modes of organization mediated by users' needs.


It is concluded that the significant progress observed in homecare organization modes stems from the integration of management and care aspects. It is highlighted that this substitutive care modality may enhance the effectiveness of the services, reducing fragmentation and solvability of the health needs.

Health services management; Home care services; Home care.

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