Experience of mothers of premature babies from birth to discharge: notes of field journals

Marly Veronez Nataly Alves Barbosa Borghesan Darci Aparecida Martins Corrêa Ieda Harumi Higarashi About the authors



To describe the maternal care process mediated by nurses during the period of hospitalisation and discharge of premature babies.


This is a descriptive, exploratory, and qualitative study, using the methodological framework of convergent care research, with seven mothers of premature babies admitted to a hospital in southern Brazil, from October to December 2011. Data from the mother’s daily journals were submitted to content analysis.


Analysis resulted in three categories portraying the path and the adaptation process of the mothers to the care of their premature babies, from preparation for discharge to overcoming her fears and insecurities concerning home care.


It is important for mothers in this initial and critical stage of hospitalisation of preterm infants to receive assistance, especially in terms of receptiveness and ongoing care, as a strategy to promote maternal autonomy and home adaptation.

Mother-child relations; Infant, premature; Neonatal nursing; Intensive care units

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