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The Neonatal Intensive Care Units giving new practices to newborns care

A qualitative research with a socio-historical approach. The aim is to understand how the established practices of the newborn Intensive Care Units Neonatal (ICUN) in Florianopolis, Brazil, in the 1980's. The study's context was the Child's Hospital Joana de Gusmão. The interviewed for this research were health professionals that had a role in the ICUN implantation. Data analysis was performed using the genealogical method proposed by Foucault. Four discursive groups were identified: Many children won with that; It was learned how to care of newborns; A more scientific view to assistance was lacking; Sensitive, humanized and individualized care. The establishment of a specific unit directed to the newborns resulted in a reduction in the neonatal mortality and scientific knowledge acquisition. The health professionals' speeches reveal that since the beginning of the ICUN, a concern with the sensible, humanized and individualized care with the newborn was present.

Intensive care units, neonatal; Infant, newborn; Neonatology; Child care

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