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Knowledges related to self-care in health among women of the rural area of Southern Brazil

This article aimed to study self-care actions by a group of rural women from the city of Pelotas, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This was a qualitative research in which 11 women living in the city's rural area have participated. Data collection occurred between May and June, 2010, through semi-structured interviews. A content analysis was performed on the data. The oldest informants have participated in the community group for 12 years, doing workmanship and exchanging knowledge on the use of medicinal plants. Self-care is part of the actions of these women, which are performed in many different ways, including actions in the family context, and the transmission of beliefs and habits through generations. We hope to contribute to the valorization of rural women, educating health professionals on health practices that meet real needs of the assisted community, reclaiming the culture related to self-care.

Self care; Women's health; Rural population; Plants, medicinal; Nursing care

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