Training in the nursing residency in Primary Care/Family Health from the perspective of the graduates

Thiago Magela Ramos Heloíza Maria Siqueira Rennó About the authors



To understand the development of professional skills and competences from the training provided by the Nursing Residency in Primary Care/Family Health of a Brazilian public university from perspective of the graduates and analysis of the Pedagogical Project.


A qualitative case study carried out with 21 graduates of the Nursing Residency. The data were collected between December 2016 and July 2017, with individual interviews conducted with the graduates, recorded, transcribed and analyzed by the Content Thematic Analysis, with the support of ATLAS ti software and documentary analysis of the Pedagogical Project.


Two categories emerged: "Professional profile for acquiring skills and abilities" and "Influential factors for the development of skills and abilities".


The graduates recognized the importance of the Residency in their training processes. However, they pointed to directives such as the improvement of interpersonal relations and the expansion of the development of the Administration/Management competency.

Nursing; Internship and residency; Primary health care

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