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Use and effectiveness of papain in the wound healing process: a systematic review

This systematic review is aimed at analyzing the evidences about the use of papain in wound healing. A manual and electronic bibliographic research was performed in the following databases: LILACS, Cochrane, IBECS, MEDLINE via Pubmed and CINAHL, using the following terms as descriptors and as word: Carica, Papain and Wound Healing, from 1987 to 2010. The types of studies that predominated were descriptive, exploratory, case studies, case reports and only one randomized controlled clinical trial. The articles showed that papain can be used in wounds of many etiologies and in various healing stages without any specific contraindications, proving to be effective and safe; although there were reports of burning and pain. We conclude that this review contributes to the demonstration of how papain has been used in this period, becoming a learning source, besides pointing to the need of further studies conducted with greater methodological rigor.

Carica; Papain; Wound healing; Nursing care

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