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Oral health assessment protocol in primary care

Protocolo de Avaliação da Saúde Bucal na Atenção Básica

Suzely Adas Saliba MOIMAZ Lúcia Maria Lima Lemos de MELO Cléa Adas Saliba GARBIN Artênio José Ísper GARBIN Nemre Adas SALIBA About the authors


The aim of this study was to analyze the oral health service performance in a certain municipality and also to develop a diagnostic evaluation protocol of Oral Health in Primary Care.


This is a descriptive, quantitative and qualitative research. The research site chosen was in the city of Pereira Barreto, State of São Paulo Brazil, since it makes use of the Family Health Strategy as the structuring care model of the Health Care System in 100% of the population as well as oral health teams implemented and oral health secondary care. Data were obtained through interviews with the manager, six dentists, six oral health assistants and six community health workers. Document analysis of the Municipal Health Plan was also conducted along with the Dental Health Agenda and on-site observation of the dental structure.


The city Health Plan presents a detailed description of the municipality general situation, the oral health agenda recommends, in its implementation phase, the three main areas as a core in Family Health Strategy as follows: health unit, family and community.The survey found that the main form of access of the population to services was the spontaneous demand and there were only two Family Health teams without focus on oral health.


The analysis of the service performed; made possible to develop a protocol with specific Oral Health dimensions to support the manager in defining intervention strategies

Health evaluation; Health management; Oral health; Primary health care

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