Titanium pigment in tissues of drug addicts: report of 5 necropsied cases

Pigmento de titânio em tecidos de toxicômanos: relatos de cinco casos necropsiados

The aim of this report is to describe the anatomic-pathologic findings from necropsies of 5 drug addicts with titanium pigment in several organs after chronic intravenous injection of crushed propoxyphene hydrochloride tablets. Samples from liver, spleen, lungs, lymph nodes, and bone marrow were obtained, and after being grossly studied, they were submitted to evaluation using common light and polarized microscopy. In all 5 cases, a pigment with characteristics of titanium dioxide was found within tissue samples of the organs studied. Our findings suggest that research concerning titanium pigment within body tissues should be enhanced, considering the potential contribution of this morphologic data to forensic pathology.

Titanium; Drug addiction; Propoxyphene hydrochloride; Talc; Necropsy

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