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The rules of subversion: Roberto Schwarz, Bertha Dunkel and “Teoria e Prática” journal


This article analyzes the “Group 2 of the Seminar on Marx’s Capital”, promoted by Roberto Schwarz and Ruy Fausto in 1963, as well as its transformation into the journal Teoria e Prática. It establishes the links between the morphology and intellectual production of the participants. Considering the profile and the intellectual positions of the “practical theorists” and the authors they criticized, it proposes an interpretation with respect to the provocations of the “criticism of criticism”. Within this configuration, Roberto Schwarz created a role which was not systematically engaged with by his commentator, Bertha Dunkel. However, it demonstrates that it concluded with an important insight that was not at all anecdotal.

Sociology of marxist intellectuals; Teoria e Prática”; Bertha Dunkel; academic marxism; Capital Seminar

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