From two to zero: duality and disintegration in Brazilian dialectical thought (Paulo Arantes reads Roberto Schwarz)

Luiz Philipe de Caux Felipe Catalani About the authors


We try to explorethe repercussion in the work of the philosopherPaulo Arantes of Roberto Schwarz’s groundintuition in his essay “Misplaced ideas”.The point of view of capitalism’s periphery(which overcomes itself as a point of view)not only provides a privileged insight into theideological operation of societies developingon the fringes of the organic center of capital,but also reveals the truth of the center itself.This model of critique is developed in Arantes’sstudies on ideology and in his thesis on theperipherisation of the center of capitalism atthe moment of its collapse. We investigate ifthe material and categorical presuppositions ofwhat gave meaning to “Misplaced ideas” persistat the moment in which the national formationpresents itself as finished.

National formation; dialectics; Roberto Schwarz; Paulo Arantes

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