Concrete beams fire design using graphs

G. B. M. L. Albuquerque V. P. Silva About the authors

The most expeditious method for the design of concrete beams under fire situation is the tabular method, presented by the Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 15200:2012. Albeit simple, this method constrains the engineer's work, as it prevents him to seek alternative solutions to the few tabulated values. Yet, the Brazilian standard allows employing more advanced methods. Hence, the purpose of this work was to perform a thermal and structural analysis of beams with several widths, heights, covers and diameters/layouts of steel reinforcement (upper and lower). From those results, graphs were constructed, associating the ratio between the applied bending moment in fire over the resistance bending moment at ambient temperature, for the fire resisting time of each situation. These graphs also allow taking into account the redistribution of moments from positive to negative, which will lead to savings in the solution found.

fire; beam; concrete; design; thermal analysis

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