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Therapy of the experimental infection by Strongyloides venezuelensis in rats with injectable ivermectin or levamizole

Tratamento da infecção experimental de ratos por Strongyloides venezuelensis mediante uso da ivermectina e do levamisol injetáveis

Rubens Campos Pedro Luiz Silva Pinto Vicente Amato Neto Luís Matsubara Akimi Miyamoto Silvino Alves de Carvalho Clóvis Kiomitsu Takiguti Antonio Augusto Baillot Moreira About the authors

For the therapy of human strongyloidiasis, are necessary effective drugs to eliminate both larvae and adult worm parasitism, which may also be used by parenteral route, to obviate the particular conditions presented by many patients. A study based on the experimental infection by Strongyloides venezuelensis in rats was done, administering injectable ivermectin or levamizole. Both drugs were shown to be active, when used in single doses of 0.2 to 0.5 mg/kg of ivermectin, or 26 mg/kg for levamizole. Ivermectin was slightly more effective as far as larval stage of the infection is concerned, and the same happened for levamisole for the adult worm stage. Promising perspectives are visualized to improve the therapy of patients with serious disseminated infection by Strongyloides stercoralis.

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