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Epidemic dengue in Nicaragua 1985

In the second half of the year 1985, during the rainy season, an epidemic of Dengue Fever was recognized in Nicaragua. A total of 17.483 cases were reported by the health services. The highest morbidity and attack rates were reported between August and November of the same year. Regions II (Leon and Chinandega), III (Managua) and IV (Masaya, Granada, Carazo y Rivas) reported 89% of the cases; these regions are precisely the more densely populated in the country, located in the Pacific Coast. Leon and Chinandega were the more affected cities reporting 41% of the cases of the epidemic. Sixty seven percent of the cases were adults, 57% were female. The national attack rate was 55.4/10.000 inhab. An intensive campaign for the control of the vector was launched immediately after the epidemic was recognized and by the month of October 1985 morbidity decreased and an endemic situation was established. Seven fatal cases were reported in adults. They were considered as DHF/DSS cases by a multidisciplinary group of pathologists and clinicians, considering the criteria of WHO and the experience obtained during the cuban DHF/DSS epidemic, in 1981. The outbreak was considered as a Classical Dengue Fever epidemic with 7 fatalities. Dengue-1 and-2 were isolated from acute sera and Dengue-1 from one of the deads.

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