Mariano Jorge Levin (1951-2010)


With great sadness we announce the death of Mariano Jorge Levin, who died of leukemia on February 28, 2010, in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the age of 59. Mariano graduated in biochemistry from the University of Buenos Aires in 1976 and obtained a PhD in biochemistry from the Karl Marx University, Leipzig, Germany, in 1981. He was a political exile in Europe for a number of years and returned to Argentina at the middle of the 80s, when he chose to study Trypanosoma cruzi and Chagas' disease in the laboratory he had recently established at the INGEBI. At the time of his death, he was a senior CONICET researcher at the INGEBI. A talented and versatile researcher, Mariano made notable contributions to the molecular biology of T. cruzi and the immunopathology of Chagas' disease. He trained various researchers who today occupy leading positions in academic research laboratories and biotechnology companies in Argentina, Europe and the United States

Mariano was a cosmopolitan figure and established cooperative endeavors with research groups in Europe, the United States, Africa, Israel and Latin America, including Brazil. He was actively involved in scientific development in Latin America and took part in outstanding initiatives such as the use of molecular biology in the study of parasites, the use of recombinant antigens in the serology of Chagas' disease and the use of PCR in the etiologic diagnosis of this disease. He was one of the mentors of the T. cruzi Genome Project. He had more than 100 scientific works published in international journals such as PNAS, the Journal of Immunology, Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology and Gene and participated of countless national and international committees, such as the UNESCO/TWAS Human Genome Fellowship Committee, CYTED and TDR/WHO. He was a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation researcher and Howard Hughes Medical Institute international scholar and held the Blaise Pascal international research chair at the École Normale Supérieur Foundation in Paris, France.

Mariano was a generous, sensitive friend and a wit whose company was always pleasant. A political activist, he was an indefatigable defender of a fair political and social system and the Jewish cause. Despite his personal convictions, his friends and colleagues came from different ethnic backgrounds and had different religious creeds and political beliefs. For Mariano Levin, science and people always came first.

São Paulo, 05 March 2010

José Franco da Silveira

Escola Paulista de Medicina. UNIFESP

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

  • Mariano Jorge Levin (1951-2010)

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