Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Anajatuba, Maranhão, Brazil

Síndrome pulmonar por Hantavírus em Anajatuba, Maranhão, Brasil

Wellington S. MENDES Nelson J. L. ARAGÃO Henrique J. SANTOS Lourdes RAPOSO Pedro F. C. VASCONCELOS Elizabeth S. T. ROSA Mauro R. ELKHOURY About the authors

The authors report a confirmed case of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in the rural area of the municipality of Anajatuba, state of Maranhão. Two other suspected cases from the same region are also described. The confirmed case involved a previously healthy young woman who died with signs and symptoms of acute respiratory insufficiency 5 days after presenting fever, myalgia and a dry cough. The patient was a student who was helping her parents with work in the fields; it was a habit of the family to store rice inside the house. The suspected cases involved two first-degree relatives working as field hands who died of acute respiratory insufficiency 24 and 48 hours, respectively, after presenting fever, myalgia and a dry cough. Both stored rice and corn inside their home. People living in the region reported massive infestations with rats in the woods and fields.

Hantavirus disease; Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome; Brazil

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