Textbook of medical Parasitology, Protozoology & Helminthology

Subhash Chandra Parija

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PARIJA, Subhash Chandra - Textbook of medical Parasitology, Protozoology & Helminthology. (Text an Colour atlas). Third edition (reprint). New Delhi, All India Publishers & Distributors, 2008. 408p. illus. ISBN 81-8004-006-2.

The third edition of Textbook of Medical Parasitology has retained the original intent of the book - To provide up-to-date information on parasitic diseases which are an emerging and important health problem in the countries world wide. This book has been written to provide with necessary information on various aspects of parasitic infections for the students, mainly the undergraduate students of Medicine, allied sciences and others who are interested in the study of parasitic infections.

Textbook of Medical Parasitology consists of four sections: Section I deals with basic concepts in parasitology. Section II and III deal separately with protozoal and helminthic infections, respectively. Each parasite, protozoan and helminth is classified, its morphology, life cycle, pathogenesis and pathology, host immunity and clinical manifestations listed. Finally, the epidemiology is discussed and necessary information on diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of parasitic diseases is also provided. The Section IV deals with common laboratory methods for the diagnosis of parasitic diseases.

New features to 3rd edition:

- New contemporary and designed color plates bring a fresh look to the book.

- Newer diagnostic methods described including molecular methods and imaging methods.

- Recent concepts in the pathogenesis, pathology and immunology of many diseases updated.

- Epidemiological aspects with special reference to India are mentioned.

- New and emerging parasites causing infections in the patients with HIV and immunocompromised state are described.

- Clinical case studies in various parasitic diseases are included.

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    This book is available at the Library of the Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo

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