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Listeriosis and AIDS: case report and literature review

Listeriose e AIDS: relato de caso e revisão de literatura

Luiz Jancintho da Silva Mariângela R. Resende William B. de Abreu Fransisco H. Aoki Raquel B.S. Bocatto Maria Luiza Moretti Branchinni Fernando Lopes Gonçales Jr. Josué N. de Lima Angela von Nowakonski Priscila M. O. Papaiordanou Rogério de Jesus Pedro Cláudio L. Rossi About the authors

Listeriosis is a not uncommon infection in humans, usually associated with immunodeficient states and with newborns. However, relatively few cases have been reported in HIV-infected patients. This scarcity of reported cases has aroused interest in the association of listerosis and AIDS. In this paper we present a case of meningitis and septicemia caused by Listeria monocytogenes in a female patient with AIDS. A review of recent medical literature indicates that association of listeriosis and AIDS may be more common than it seems. Recent research in host-parasite interaction in listerial infection suggests an important role for tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and for integralin, a bacterial protein, in modulating listerial disease in AIDS patients. Inadequate diagnosis may be in part responsible for the scarcity of reports.

Listeriosis; AIDS; Meningitis; Listeria meningitis; Septicemia

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