Mycotic aneurysm of the tibioperoneal trunk: a first manifestation of an infected endocarditis

Aneurisma micótico de tronco tíbio-fibular: a primeira manifestação de uma endocardite infecciosa

Sergio Quilici Belczak Igor Rafael Sincos Marcelo Passos Teivelis Carlos Alberto Sian de Oliveira Hélio Fragoso Ricardo Aun About the authors

Infrapopliteal mycotic aneurysm resulting from endocarditis is rare, with only a few reported cases. We describe the case of a 28-year-old male patient who was suffering with pain and edema in the right leg. The ultrasound revealed an aneurysm of the right tibioperoneal trunk and a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The patient was admitted and developed acute congestive heart failure, being diagnosed with possible endocarditis. A pseudo-aneurysm was revealed by arteriography. Aggressive antibiotic treatment was initiated, and open surgery confirmed a mycotic pseudo-aneurysm of the tibioperoneal trunk. To our knowledge, this is the 8th case reported of an infected aneurysm in this particular location.

Aneurysm; Infected; Tibial arteries; Endocarditis; Venous thrombosis; Review

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