Simplified fluorescent inhibition microtest for the titration of rabies neutralizing antibodies

Microteste de inibição de fluorescência simplificado para titulação de anticorpos antirábicos

S.R. Favoretto M.L. Carrieri M.S. Tino C.R. Zanetti O.A.C. Pereira About the authors

A simplified fluorescence inhibition microtest (SFIMT) was standardized for the evaluation of antirabies serum neutralizing antibodies based on the rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT) and the fluorescence inhibition microtest (FIMT). The simplified test showed reproductibility similar to that of the FIMT with advantages as easier executation and quicker reading. A simple pre-treatment of Brazilian microplates produced for immune enzymatic assays (PROSIL) gave equivalent results and substantial coast reduction, in relation to imported plates (DIFCO). The simplified test can be easily implemented in less sophisticated laboratories, as alternative to the mouse serum neutralization test, still the most largely employed in Brazil, or even to others as RFFIT and FIMT.

Simplified Fluorescence Inhibition Microtest; rabies antibodies

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