A Guide to Human Helminths



COOMBS, I. & CROMPTON, D.W.T. - A Guide to Human Helminths.

London, Taylor & Francis, 1991. 196p.

ISBN: 0-85066-807-7.

This attracting and useful book lists 342 species of helminths which have already been found in association with humans, even those whose contact had only occasionally been observed.

According to the authors, the inclusion criterion in the book was the existence of "published evidence describing an actual host-parasite relationship between an individual human being and the worm in question or an association that may point to the existence of such a relationship."

For each included worm the following points are listed:

a. its range of hosts: definitive and intermediate hosts, if present, as well as, reservoir hosts;

b. its location in the human hosts;

c. the name of the disease it causes;

d. its geographical distribution;

e. its synonym or name of common usage (if existent);

f. modes of transmission to the human host;

>g. references about its occurrence.

Pedro Paulo Chieffi

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    12 Sept 2006
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    Aug 1992
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