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BIER, Otto G.; SILVA, Wilmar Dias da; GOTZE, Dietrich & MOTA, Ivan - Fundamentals of Immunology. Second edition completely revised with a contribution of Reinhanrd Burger. Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 1986. 469p. ilus. IBSN 3-540-15332-2.

The second, completely revised edition of the textbook Fundamentals of Immunology has been written primarily for medical and biology students entering the fascinating field of basic and clinical immunology. Some knowledge of basic biology is assumed particularly physiology and biochemistry); otherwise the primary intent has not been to cover the latest research findings, but rather to lay a firm foundation for subsequent reading in the laboratory and clinical sciences

Hence the first part of the text presents the various components of basic immunology, while the second shows how these elements interact under both normal physiologic and pathologic conditions. Extensive cross-referencing, a glossary of important terms, and selected helpful references facilitate comprehension and guide the student to additional information.

The present edition has been prepared wl order to cover the main progress achieved in. the fivey ears that have elapsed since the first edition. The structure of the book remains essentially the same, but a considerable amount of new material has been introduced, particularly in certain areas such as the genetics of T cell receptors, the regulation of the immune response, hypersensitivity reactions, and immu-nomodulation.

Contents: Tissue and Cells of the Immune System. - Activity of Immune Cells. - Antigens. - Antibodies. - Complement. - The Major Histocompatibility Complex. - Antigen-Antibody Interaction. - Blood Groups. - Hypersensitivity. - Transplantation. - Immunity. - Immunodefiicencies. - Autoimmunity. - Immunomodulation. - Brief History of Important Immunologic Discoveries and Developments. - Glossary of Immunologic Terms. - Subject and Author Index.

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    17 Feb 2011
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