The exercise of nursing in its bioethical dimension

Magali Roseira Boemer Mauren Alexandra Sampaio About the authors

In the present study we approached Bioethics, an area that has been targeted for discussion and reflection within the scope of biological and health sciences, in order to rethink human conduct towards moral values in the current context of great technological and scientific development. We started a discussion about the exercise of nursing in its bioethical dimension, analyzing how such exercise has been occurring at the level of the ethics of principles, which is based on beneficence, autonomy and justice. In this respect, in their relations with patients, the members of the nursing team have adopted a posture based on beneficence linked to the subordination of their practice to the medical act. On the other hand, close contact with patients enables the nursing team to form ties that confer a certain power, which can be used to lead patients to exercise the ir autonomy.

bioethics; exercise of nursing

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